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Is There Too Much Space In The Middle?

The original image as presented for feedback.

Our Anonymous Photographer has presented a well executed panorama with a straight horizon (only slightly bowed, but forgiven) and some tonal adjustments in the sky. Overall, the composition is clean and simple - so really, there's not much to suggest. It's well done. 

However, we could possibly darken the image down slightly. Now, depending on how well your screen is profiled, this may look just right or too dark, but the slightly darker image gains a little more colour and tonality as well - which I prefer. Others may not, I agree. 

Now how about darkening down the foreground sand so the eye can get past it and into the body of the photo? Just a suggestion. 

However, my main criticism (which applies to many panoramas) is that the long, wide composition is just that - a little bit too wide. There's a lot of space to cover from the red roofed building on the left to the far shore on the right. Is it all needed? My suggestion below is to squish the image a little to bring these elements together - and I might have cropped out the light pole on the very left as well. Would this work better?

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