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Photo Feedback

Carefully Managing The Details

The original image as presented for feedback.


I'm pretty sure our Anonymous Photographer has been photographing in Norway and, for Australian viewers at least, this must be an exotic location most of us would like to visit. This is a great photograph, very competently presented. It would score well in a photo competition, but is it a competition winner?


A few years ago, scenes like this would fare very well, but today with so many more photographers visiting the far north, images of this and similar locations have become a little more commonplace. So the photograph should get a good score, but may not be a winner.


At this stage, my suggestions are all refinements. Firstly, when I carefully look at how the photographer has cropped the image, I wonder if a slightly tighter crop might remove some window frames on the right (barely visible at this size, but would be visible in a print), and simplify the framing on the left by removing the building. Of course, some people might like to keep the building in as a natural border.



I also wonder if the image could be a little darker. In the image below, I have darkened the entire image to put more colour and detail into the building facades. Is this better? Personally, I find it more pleasing for the buildings if not the surroundings (which are now too dark), but is it just a matter of my monitor presenting a lighter image than the Anonymous Photographer's?



A quick look at the histogram of the original file (see below) shows that there are some whites clipping, just a fraction, so I am probably correct in suggesting the image could be darkened slightly to bring more details into the highlights.



However, if you don't like the darkening on the surrounding mountains, mask out the top so you just darken the buildings and leave everything else as it is.



Finally, I find the mountains on the left a little too light, possibly from a little flare (the sun is over that way somewhere). 



My suggestion is to darken down the mountains on the left side of the image so they balance the rest of the mountain range - and I think that's about it!



Don't forget to enter our annual photography competition! First prize is $5000 and every entry gets helpful feedback from the judging panel. See our competition website for more details - you can find it here.

Peter Eastway Uses

Peter Uses

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