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Should We Trust Autofocus?

Where will the autofocus system focus?
Not all the shots taken of this subject were focused on the zodiac!

I'm a closet surfer and skier, which basically means the older I get, the better I used to be! I get Surfing World, The Surfers Journal and Powder magazines delivered to my door as a paper publication and love them.

In the latest edition of Powder, long time ski photographer Mark Shapiro, in an interview with Jack Shaw, is quoted as saying, "I don't use autofocus; I don't trust it. Autofocus in a snowstorm? Forget it."

I used to devote six page articles in old issues of Australia Camera Craft magazine explaining how to focus a lens, but now I'm really showing my age because, surely, autofocus is the main game? Why use anything else with modern cameras?

Autofocus today is extremely good. It's wonderful, but just remember, autofocus will almost always focus on the object or subject closest to the lens. In the case of an escaped snow flake, that could be problem.

In the case of someone with a long nose (like me), that could also be a problem if you wanted to focus on the eyes.

There are techniques and skills you need to learn with manual focus and autofocus. Being a complete photographer means understanding them both.

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