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Is This Really Fair, Mr Adobe?

Lovingly post-produced using Photoshop. See the 'before' image down below.

I love Photoshop and Lightroom. They are excellent programs and do wonders. I have even come to accept that software developers had to change to a subscription model or they would be out of business - and if they are out of business, where would that leave us when we needed their support or something new?

So, for $9.99 a month (in Australia, in Australian dollars), I can get great access to great software (Photoshop and Lightroom). It's a very reasonable price, so what am I complaining about?

Gripe 1. I wasn't being charged $9.99 a month. My credit card statement showed $10.28 a month. If you look at the Adobe website, it clearly says $9.99 in Australian currency. So why the difference?

Look a little closer on the Australian website and it says there is no GST in the transaction. This indicates that I am purchasing the software offshore (Ireland I believe). So, not only is no GST being collected in Australia, my credit card provider is adding on 29 cents because it is an international transaction. It's a small thing, I know. I have called Adobe a couple of times and on one occasion they denied it, on another they said it was tax. On neither occasion was their chat service correct.

I received an email on 11 October saying my subscription would expire on 12 October. As I have a second subscription to the Adobe suite (for Indesign, Dreamweaver etc), I no longer need this Photoshop subscription, so I decided to cancel it.

Gripe 2: It was difficult to cancel. I couldn't just log into my Adobe account and tick a box. In fact, it was a challenge for me to work out exactly how to cancel at all! Easy to subscribe, hard to leave. I discovered that I have to use the telephone or a chat service - in all I spent 20 minutes closing my subscription.

Gripe 3: All this happened on 12 October and then on 13 October, I have been charged a futher $10.28 for the subscription!

So, gentle reader - no GST, extra bank fees, difficult to leave and overcharged - what do I do?

I'll do nothing more because I prefer to create photographs. Indeed I am teaching a Photoshop 401 workshop this Saturday in Sydney - and that sounds like a lot more fun. Click here for details.

This is the file processed out of Capture One before moving into Photoshop. Most of the heavy lifting has already been done, but to fitness the mask for the water, I find Photoshop the easiest to master.

Peter Eastway Uses

Peter Uses

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