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Happenings This Week & Next!

Sunset from Aurora Expedition's Polar Pioneer, just off South Georgia.

On THURSDAY NIGHT 22 October at Sun Studios, Peter Eastway is giving a Photoshop presentation with the Canon Collective.

Price is $65 and Canon is also adding a live challenge! Participants are encouraged to send through one of their own raw files for Peter to edit, Peter will have a maximum of 5 mins per image to transform the image using techniques covered in the first part of the workshop. To submit an image for this challenge please forward your booking confirmation and attached raw file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Full details can be found on the EventBrite website here:

On SATURDAY 24 October at Dee Why RSL, Peter is presenting his advanced Photoshop 401 workshop. Participants are expected to know the basics of layers (how to use an adjustment layer) and Peter will take it from there! Full details can be found here:

On TUESDAY NEXT WEEK 27 October, Peter will be attending a screening of his Tales By Light episode with Aurora Expeditions, just prior to his next voyage down to Antarctica with them in mid November. F

ind out everything you want to know about travelling to Antarctica! Full details can be found here:

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