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More From Byron Bay Balloons With The Canon EOS 5DSR

The view from the balloon on the first morning. No mist, but the textures were superb!
Photographed with the new Canon EOS 5DSR and a 70-200mm Canon L series zoom.
If you're interested, check out Byron Bay Ballooning next time you're up there.

I've been inspired by some of the photographers who went ballooning with me recently and the shots they've posted on Facebook and Flicker. There were some great images!

We were up with Canon Australia at the Tales By Light festival along with Darren Jew and Krystle Wright. Krystle and I had two wonderful mornings shooting from Byron Bay Ballooning's aircraft. Each morning was quite different, but both produced excellent results.

On the first morning, I can remember clearly this section of land. I'm not a farmer, so I'm not quite sure whether this is a time of year or just the fields left to their own devices, but the combination of previous rain, mud and grass created the most beautiful textures.The cattle helped in places as well!

Photography can be many things and one of the 'genres' I really like is that of textures. You just fill the frame with textures or patterns and hope there are a few variations within the frame to create a centre of interest. This is why I was shooting from the balloon with the 70-200mm. It's not the best lens for aerial overviews because you don't fit enough in, but if you want to frame the detail without a horizon, it works very well.

These photos are shot with the Canon EOS 5DSR and rated at between ISO 400 and 800. I left the camera on automatic ISO with a minimum shutter speed of 1/250 second. The file quality is extremely good and I'm seeing the limitations in some of my older Canon lenses - which is a bugger because you know what that means. There is soooooo much detail in that 50-megapixel sensor that you need to feed it the latest lenses which have been designed to match it.

I was also interested in the noise that everyone talks about. If you expose your image correctly, I can see zero noise in the midtones and light tones. None. Even at ISO 800. If I then look at the shadows, they are also clean and dark, without noise. Of course, when I start to lighten those shadows (such as the water courses in the photos below), I can see some noise appear, but if you understand the 'expose to the right' theory, you'll also understand that this is expected. It happens to all cameras when you push the shadows. And I'm shooting in daylight, not at night. Disclaimers over!

So, I'm still getting to know the 5DSR and so far, it's working just great. I used it for a corporate shoot today, although 50-megapixels was probably a little over the top. I also took a few shots with the new Canon 11-24mm - now that's an exciting piece of glass!

#canonaustralia #canoncollective #talesbylight

A couple more shots from the balloon over Lismore with the Canon EOS 5DSR and 70-200mm.


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Peter Uses

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