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Wonderful, Wonderful, Copenhagen!

Copenhagen, May 2015. Photographed with a Fujifilm X-T1 and a 10-24mm Fujinon lens..

I love Europe, although when talking to my Danish hosts, I was reminded that Denmark is a part of Scandinavia, implying perhaps that it is not just a part of Europe! I had been invited to Copenhagen by Phase One for the release of its new XF camera system and this is being written the day after the launch.

The letter ‘X’ is popular, it seems. The photograph above showing the heart of Copenhagen and its colourful facades was taken with my little Fujifilm X-T1 and an X-Series 10-24mm lens. The letter will no doubt be even more popular now.

Kevin Raber, Chris Sanderson and I took a harbour cruise before meeting our hosts for dinner on Sunday night. Kevin used to work with Phase One and had visited Copenhagen (where Phase One is headquartered) more times than he could remember, and he and Chris were there to write up a report for the Luminous Landscape website.

Shooting from a low, open boat, ultra wide-angle lenses like the 10-24mm cause havoc with perspective. The buildings converge strongly at their tops, but as long as you’re not shooting for an architect, and as long as you make it obvious, then I think this effect can be quite dramatic, especially when you can top and tail the buildings with simpler, less colourful areas in the composition.

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