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Preserve your photographs in print

The last step of my photo projects is to compile the best photos in a book


What’s your photo legacy?

If you’re like me you’ve put a lot of effort into researching the best camera, finding the best locations to photograph then spent serious time editing your images so they look their best. With all that effort, why should the journey end there? Don’t you want your photos to be shared and seen for years to come? Google VP Vint Cerf recommends, “if there are photos you are really concerned about print them out or they’ll disappear into the digital black hole.“ Apparently digital technology is not infallible!


Print out what you care about - Vint Cerf, Google Vice President 


Why print your photos in a book?

If you’ve already made one, you’ll know what I mean when I say there's something wonderful about seeing your photos in your very own book - and the end of the year is a great excuse to make one! If you want your photographs to be permanent, you need a book. Don't rely on a Lightroom or hard drive to preserve them for decades because it's not going to happen. The only proven solution for archiving photos is print, and not only will a book futureproof your images it can become your photographic legacy and a family heirloom too.


 The ND5 2016 book featuring a collection of our best shots from Shark Bay


Selecting and Sequencing

So, how do we do it? The first step is to select your finest photographs. Aim to do this in half an hour but beware it may take longer as you find yourself taking a trip down memory lane! Next it's time to put your Book Editor hat on. Don't keep multiple photos of the same subject and avoid any out of focus or uninspiring compositions. Only the best will do. When it comes to sequencing there's no single answer but just consider that the reader will get bored with repetition and they’ll respond to pages that have clever and unexpected pairing of images. 


 Readers get bored with repetition they want to see clean and clever layouts


Simple and Symmetrical Design

Once you have your photos selected, creating a book is quick and easy - if you have the right tools. I use Momento Pro’s software because it does most of the work for me but also gives me freedom to edit and craft my own design. You can use it in auto, manual or template mode, or a combination of all three. I limit the number of photos to one or two on a page, and if there’s more than I use a simple grid design so it doesn’t look cluttered. Don’t be scared to include lots of white space and blank pages either. They give the viewer a moment to pause and reflect on your photos, and can be the perfect segue to the next chapter of your book.

To see some classic page designs, flick through the Momento books I’ve made.

 Momento Pro’s software can be used in an auto or manual design mode


Text for Context

A good photo book however is more than just a collection of photographs! Imagine the reader knows nothing about the images, the subjects or the reason you shot the photos. You need to give them some context and you’ll need some help remembering all the details yourself. Use Momento’s Text tool to insert headings, paragraphs or captions noting dates, names and places, and choose the font and size carefully so it blends in with the style of your book.


 A good photo book is more than just a collection of photographs. 


Complete the package

The cover, paper and print options you choose are also important elements. Think of the cover like the first scene in a movie. It’s the introduction to your book and should set the tone. We recommend a full bleed image that best represents the story told on the inside pages, or if it’s a ‘Best of’ book, make it look more distinguished and unique with an embossed leather or linen cover. Choose the paper that will do your images the most justice, and if you want the ultimate colour reproduction, the archival inkjet-printed Cotton Rag books are the best option and they’re guaranteed to last hundreds of years.


 The ultimate Momento book includes archival inkjet printing on Cotton Rag


30% off your first book before 5 Dec

So here's your challenge - take 30 seconds, 30 minutes or 30 hours to make and order a Momento Pro photobook of your best shots from the last year or a recent trip before 5 December and you’ll get a massive 30% off your first book or box order then 10% off all further book or box orders. To redeem this offer by becoming a member of Momento Pro’s Camera Club Program click here.



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