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I Win, I Win, I Win (Well, Sort Of)....

A stormy afternoon on the voyage to Paradise Harbour, Antarctica.
Canon EOS 5DSR with 200-400mm 1.4X @ 400mm, 1/1250 second @ f5.6, ISO 100.


I'm just back from APPA, the AIPP's annual Australian Professional Photography Awards. And each year, Tony Hewitt, David Oliver and I have a small wager on who will get the highest aggregate from our four prints. Yes, the overall Professional Photographer of the Year is important (congratulations Lisa Saad), but much more important is the outcome of our little wager which involves paying for lunch.


You may realise that Tony, David and I are judging the Better Photography magazine 2016 Photo of the Year Award and entries close on 7 September - that's probably tomorrow as you read this! So get your entries in now (or you can also put in late entries up to 15 September, but it's a little more expensive to do so....)

But back to my story... Tony and I had our entries in the landscape category. We were on a break, looking along the walls where the winning entries were being hung. Tony congratulated me, saying he'd seen a Gold and Silver for me up on the wall - and while we don't know whose print is whose (names aren't shown at this stage of the process), Tony recognised my photos from their location - our recent Middlehurst Art Photography Workshop in NZ. However, there was something about the way Tony was congratulating me that made me a little suspicious. 


"So, how are you going", I asked Tony...



"A Gold with Distinction and a Silver with Distinction", Tony smiled back.


Bugger, I thought! He's beating me by a mile! Where will he want to go for lunch? However, there were two more prints for each of us and one never knows what might happen at APPA.


Fortunately for me, I saw another of my prints on the wall - a Gold from Antarctica (shown above), but Tony wouldn't have known this was mine. Even so, I would have to wait until the end of the judging to find out the fate of my final entry, a Silver with Distinction. Would it be enough?


As luck would have it, I was one point up on Tony! I win! First time in several years, I admit, but a win is a win!


But what about David? Well, fortunately for Tony this time, David didn't get around to entering (something about shooting a job in England and being too busy). However, not entering doesn't excuse him, so in our book at least, it's David's shout for lunch!


This Sunday, I am presenting my Photoshop 401 workshop at Dee Why in Sydney. It covers the simple techniques I use to create images exactly like the ones I entered. There are still places available - touch base with Kim for a great discount - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Details are on the website here.





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