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Real Photographic Paper and Inkjet Too!

Order Pro-Quality Photo Prints & Frames Online at The Edge Photo Imaging!

A photograph isn’t really a photograph until you’ve turned it into a print! For some people, it’s a print in a photo album, for others a masterpiece on the wall. Why not turn one of your favourite photographs into a feature for your home or office?

Intimate Desk Frames

Whether at the office or in the home, desk frames are small pieces of art that represent your family, a holiday or just the best photo you’ve ever taken. How many photos do you have that would dress up a small space in your life? You can order completed desk frames from The Edge Photo Imaging in a range of sizes and with your choice of frames (white, black, and natural wood). Here are two suggestions:

Desk Frames

13x18 cm frame / 10x15 cm print $41.40

20x25 cm frame / 16x20 cm print $47.60

Prices can vary depending on exactly what you choose.

The Master Metallic Print - Framed?

Have you just taken a masterful landscape? Perhaps it’s the travel photograph of the year? And have you thought about printing and framing it on ‘metallic’ paper?

Metallic paper has deep, rich colours with enhanced reds that shimmer and glow. They look a million dollars when held in the hand and will have everyone in awe when framed and displayed on the wall.

Unlike copy-cat inkjet prints, you can only get a true metallic finish with conventional photographic printing, such as that supplied by The Edge Photo Imaging.

Here’s a project. Work out which wall in your house needs a piece of art, find your best landscape, travel or family photograph, and get it ready for printing.

But don’t go too small! Make a statement with a large print. You’ll be amazed at the quality and how good your photo can look. The Edge Photo Imaging prints to any size and you can have it framed locally. Here are some suggested sizes and prices to give you an idea:

Metallic Prints - Unframed

30x50 cm print $21.25

40x61 cm print $29.75

50x76 cm print $34.00

The Edge Photo Imaging can also provide your metallic prints framed, ready for hanging. Try these sizes:

Metallic Prints - Framed

40x56 cm frame / 30x50 cm print $119.00

50x71 cm frame / 40x61 cm print $147.90

61x86 cm frame / 50x76 cm print $183.60

The Edge Photo Imaging can print and frame to any size - full details on its website.

Diptyches and Triptyches

Sometimes its difficult to choose just one print for the wall, so what about a series? Smaller framed prints are inexpensive, but can create a powerful feature in any room. And you can choose a series of different photographs that build to tell a story, or perhaps three different angles of the same subject?

Small Prints - Framed

25x25 cm frame / 20x20 cm print $62.90

30x30 cm frame / 25x25 cm print $79.05

35x35 cm frame / 30x30 cm print $90.10

The biggest challenge for us as photographers is to make the time to create the art. With The Edge Photo Imaging online ordering system, you can do everything from your computer right now - it’s easy.

For more information, visit The Edge Photo Imaging website and don’t forget the 15% special offer below.


15% OFF

When you order $50 or more. Offer valid until 30 November 2016.

Use Coupon Code: BP2016

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