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The Art In The Rainforest Workshop

The amazing Daintree Rainforest - from up above.
Photograph: John de Rooy

Is this art? Imagine John's photo as a two metre wide print, with every leaf in crisp focus. It would have quite a different impact to this 700 pixel image on your screen. For many years, I used to think of a photograph as a photograph, but it was only when I started working with Les Walkling that I started to understand the importance and impact of size. Les does an amazing presentation on the theory of size and I learn something new every time I listen to him. It helped explain to me why, for example, a photograph that does really well in an online competition does not necessarily translate well onto the wall of a gallery. Similarly, a powerful print on a wall can look decidedly unimpressive when reproduced on a web page.

This is the type of stuff I need to get my head around to make my photographs work. So when Les asked if I'd like to do a workshop with him in the Daintree Rainforest, and what should we teach, I was a little bit selfish. I pretended to know all about this 'art stuff' and suggested we focus on what happens after we've mastered our equipment and post-production. 

What comes next? Where do you go?

 Now, I'm being selfish because I'm going to hang on every word Les says! But I feel confidently selfish because the other dozen people who have already booked obviously agree with my sentiments!

Explains Les, to get to the next level, "There are several prerequisites: we need time away from the hurly-burly and distractions of everyday life, in an unbelievably beautiful and inspiring location, with state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, incredibly experienced teachers and tutors who have not only worked ‘at that next level’ for all of their professional lives, but who also have the empathy, compassion, sensitivity, understanding and intellectual frameworks needed to facilitate your journey ‘to the other side".

That sounds like us! So are you interested? You will have to act quickly because the five day retreat is happening next month - 11-17 May. We're looking for a comfortable 15 students, so now is the ideal time to book and I have no doubt that in future years, this will become as popular and busy as Les's Orpheus Island workshop.

The venue is the James Cook University’s world class Daintree Rainforest Observatory(DRO) education and research centre at Cape Tribulation in far North Queensland. It is adjacent to Australia’s Wet Tropics World Heritage listed lowland tropical rainforests which are home to a substantial proportion of Australia’s biodiversity, and are one of the best known natural laboratories in the world for understanding the impacts of global environmental change. This is also one of the few areas in the world where the ‘reef meets the rainforest’ and the only place where two World Heritage Areas sit side by side.

Personally, I can't wait - but then again, I'm an enthusiastic sort of fellow. For more details, drop over to Les's website and take a look at the workshop in more detail. Perhaps it's time to turn your photography into art!

You'll find the workshop here:


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Peter Uses

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