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Thinking of a Photo Travel Workshop?

Have you thought about taking a photo workshop? If you have been putting it off, maybe this Easter is the perfect time to make some plans to take your photography to the next level. It also helps us plan your travel arrangement if you can book ahead of time.

If you're interested, click through to the website here so I can make some suggestions...

Karijini is on at the end of this month and is in our seventh year. It's popular because the destination is so spectacular. I'm up there with Christian Fletcher and Tony Hewitt. You might just be able to join us, but the trick will be in booking flights to and from Newman. Get cracking!

A new workshop this year is the Daintree with Les Walkling. This is an art photography based experience where Les and I will take you on a journey of the mind. We expect you to have a basic understanding of your camera - now we'll help you resolve the composition and emotion! Plus of course we'll be printing - and Les is the Master Printer. Places are filling fast.

At the end of May we're visiting Kununurra with Phase One and its PODAS. You can play with the new 100MP camera for a week - and give it back with no obligation! We'll be shooting from helicopters and there are some simply spectacular land shots as well. There are still three places left.

June sees Tony Hewitt and me in New Zealand at a secret destination in the high country. We have a workshop like no other at Middlehurst. It's warm and comfortable, but out there! Helicopter, plane, 4WD and locations no other photographers can get to! We are just taking two people at the moment, but there's room for two more. 

In July, I have a new trip planned up to Arnhemland, but I need the bookings by the end of this month. I have just three photographers with me and room for another three, so it is a small and intimate group and we're going to make the most of some most unusual landscapes, including an aerial session. 

And last but not least for 2016, David Oliver and I are off to Bhutan. We have room for another 4 people as I write this and it is the only way to travel in Bhutan. Experienced guides, comfortable cars and a country that is like no other in the world. But please book now as we need to finalise the travel arrangements.

For more details, click through to the Workshops page.


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Peter Uses

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