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Karijini 2013

Weano To Finish - Sun 14 April

How quickly the time passes! Our last morning and we're walking down into Weano Gorge.  Down the bottom there are more wonderful pools and reflections. You certainly need to like rocks, plants and water, but every gorge is different in its own way.

Like Hancock there's a deep pool to get across. While you can negotiate it easily enough without the water reaching past your waist, the more I do this stretch, the easier it is to simply go for a swim. I have a waterproof lining bag for a backpack which does the trick, but a sturdier wet bag is better still as it is less likely to puncture. Drop your backpack inside, leave the air inside as well (it helps it float), secure the opening and go for a swim. And if you put your shirt inside as well, you're quickly dressed at the other end!

Weano continues to wind its way downwards, opening up into a near circular room before disappearing through another narrow crack which in turn opens into the large and magnifcent Handrail Pool (so named because there's a hand rail to help you climb down the final drop). Once again, a backpack with your tripod tied to the outside is the best way to travel.

You can spend your time around the edges of Handrail pool or, if you've sensibly worn your swimming gear, wade out into the middle of the pool to take some great water and rock studies. And as the sun moves, the light changes, creating more opportunities.

With so many shoots under our belts, the final afternoon is spent working our files, taking more instruction and listening to some final presentations. We're creating a photobook of our best images with Momento Pro, so all the guests are working frantically to finalise their top four photographs - who will feature on the cover?

What To Bring - Clothing

Karijini in April is a great time to visit as there is a better chance (but no guarantee) of more interesting skies. However, depending on the weather patterns, it can still be quite cool in the evenings and early mornings, and very hot in the middle of the day. For this reason, you need to be ready for both! However, we are not fashion conscious and it is quite permissible to wear the same clothes twice!

For the heat of the day, a light long-sleeved shirt will keep the sun off your neck and arms. Shorts are fine, but if we're walking through the spiky spinifex grass, long trousers are better. Optionally, long socks and gaiters over your shoes will work.

Please bring a hat - a broad-rim hat is better than a cap. Sunscreen is a good idea and depending where we are, some personal insect repellent.

We will be walking quite a bit, so bring a comfortable pair of walking or hiking shoes. Yes, you can probably get by with runners or trainers, but sturdy walking shoes are better!

For the gorges, there's a good chance you will be getting your feet wet. Some people just take their shoes off and walk in bare feet, others use special 'rock' or 'reef' sandals designed for walking through water and over slippery rocks. Personally, I take a pair of reef sandals which snugly fit my feet, but sometimes I even remove these as bare feet can be easier over the very smooth, wet rocks.

For the cooler evenings and early mornings, layers work well. This might be a t-shirt under your long-sleeved shirt, a pullover or fleece, and a jacket on top. Chances are you won't need all four layers, but it depends on how much you feel the cold. Personally, I just have a shirt and a lightweight 'spray' or 'wind' jacket.

If it rains, we get wet! A jacket that doubles as a raincoat is worthwhile. Of course, if you bring a raincoat it won't rain, but if you don't, it will! 

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