Karijini 2013

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Karijini 2013

Kalamina & Tom Price - Fri 12 April

Our first gorge was Kalamina, but before dawn it is inky dark down below, so we used the pre-dawn light to photograph the trees and spinifex at the top before heading down below.

The walk into Kalamina is relatively gentle and the bottom wide and spacious. There is plenty of room to spread out. Some photographers applied themselves to the overview, while others looked for details, such as the tiny cascades and the colourful reflections in the water.

When the light was a little higher and the best photo opportunities gone, we found a comfortable spot in the shade of the canyon wall and discussed a series of prints provided by the leaders. While munching on their muesli bars and fruit, everyone was invited to comment on the images and the conversation seemed to be very valuable in terms of seeing what was possible and understanding how differently we all view photography. It was a great experience to have an outdoor classroom, and even better to learn what different people are looking for in their images. Photography technique is important, but it is the aesthetics of producing an image that makes the strongest photographs.

We arrived back at the Retreat in time for lunch and spent a little time downloading and discussing the morning's photographs. The time passed very quickly and soon we were back in the cars, driving down to Tom Price and heading up Mount Nameless.

The track up to the top of Mount Nameless, the highest lookout in Western Australia accessible by road, was a 4WD only journey. Up the top, we could look down on the township, but the better views for landscape photography were out to the north and west.

With a storm off the coast, we were concerned that the cloud on the horizon would mean an early end to our photography, but there were some hopeful breaks in the cloud. Patience is a virtue and we had two opportunities to photograph the distant ranges when the sun poked through, and then finally we were treated to the most amazing sunset. It seemed to last for a good 30 minutes with the clouds changing from subtle pinks to rich, chocolate-box reds. We couldn't have orchestrated a better ending to the second day of the Karijini photography workshop.

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