Iceland 2012 Trip

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Iceland 2012 Trip


Saturday 2 June 2012

When you visit Iceland, there are three attractions that seem to be mandatory. The first we had seen the evening before: the modern cathedral in the heart of Reykjavic. And we had photographed it at sunset, just perfect!

The other two are the Geyser and Gullfoss waterfall. However, unlike the other places we had visited, these are definitely ‘touristy’ and there was no chance of finding them uninhabited!

Kevin was driving and, despite it being Steve Gosling’s birthday, I found myself in the front passenger seat with Steve and Drew in the back. We typed Gullfoss into the GPS unit and set off at around 10.00 a.m.

The Strokkur Geyser at is regular, but that’s about it! It sits in a fenced park, admission is free and a rope keeps you back from the geyser itself. Every ten minutes or so it erupts in a wonderful display and we all enjoyed photographing it with our iPhones!

Gullfoss - If the other falls were amazing, this is amazing amazing.

Gullfoss is simply amazing for its volume and scale, reminding me of Victoria and Niagara Falls in their scale and popularity. The spray was lifting high in to the air and while I thought there might have been a photo there, a sandwich at the restaurant up the hill was more inviting.

After lunch we drove past the waterfall into the mountains behind. The bitumen turns to dirt and eventually a sign states that the road is closed and we should go no further. We stood on the roadside, looking across the interior of Iceland and all thinking the same thing: we will have to return to see more of this amazing country.

On the way back, Kevin suggested another coffee above the Falls, so I took the opportunity to pull out my big camera and take a few shots. The sun had moved and the mood I saw before lunch was gone, or was it. I walked down to the lookout behind the falls and when I turned around, there it was! The spume and spray from the final cataract erupted skywards and created some great shapes and patterns. Eventually the others joined me.

We stopped several more times on the way back to the hotel, photographing old farm barns and more Icelandic ponies. Tomorrow would be a 37 hour flight back to Australia and suddenly, Iceland would become just another folder of images on my hard drive.

Until I go again! Kevin is thinking of another PODAs in Iceland in 2014, Joshua Holko takes trips there every year, and I’m also thinking of taking a group of photographers as well, expertly lead by Daniel Bergmann. Any interest?

Also, would you like full details on how the image of Gullfoss was created? We have an inexpensive pdf (Acrobat) guide which provides the background to the shoot and takes you through the Photoshop post-production step-by-step. You can also download the basic image and do the steps yourself, or download a small Photoshop file and open it to see all the layers and masks in place. To see more, click through to our online shop - from under $5.00.

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