Iceland 2012 Trip

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Iceland 2012 Trip

Return to Hvolsvollur

Thursday 31 May 2012

Glaciers create their own weather systems and the morning sun had conspired with the ice to produce very strong winds. The beautiful glacial lake from a couple of nights early that we had scouted with Daniel looked completely different with the surface covered in white caps and the light much stronger. We wandered around and a number of us found ourselves in the lee of the moraine, sheltering from the wind.

Farm houses and barns are dotted around the island, ideal centres of interest for the camera.

On our return, we photographed a couple of farm houses and an old church with a turf roof. Everywhere you turn in Iceland, you can find a photograph. For a foreigner, the buildings are simply charming with their red and blue roofs, and their locations tight against towering cliffs, many with their own private waterfalls in the backyard.

However, there’s no doubt that light makes the photograph and the bald blue skies were not optimum, so we welcomed a wash of clouds which softened the light and created more mood and atmosphere. We had experienced a rare week of sunshine in Iceland. It’s not that there isn’t sunshine, rather that extended periods are relatively rare.

We packed up and headed back to Hvolsvollur where we stayed four nights earlier. This was our last official day of the PODAS and after a lunch on the road, we were treated by a great moody sky with some amazing rock pinnacles. Iceland constantly surprises you and the black beach at Reynisdrangar around the corner from Vik must have geologists swooning! The amazing cliffs and the self-standing towers just a few metres off the beach are incredibly photogenic. There was only a small swell running and I wondered what it must be like with big waves breaking over them. Dramatic, I have no doubt.

The black sand beach at Reynisdrangar.

As we approached our hotel, we found a few Icelandic horses at a roadside farm and made some portraits. Their long manes waving in the breeze are very regal, even though they are small and hardy in stature.

Icelandic horse: small and regal.

After dinner that evening, Kevin presented a wonderful audio visual containing some of our best images and some great candids too. We had had an amazing week photographing Iceland, but we had only just scratched the surface.


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Peter Eastway Uses

Peter Uses

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