Iceland 2012 Trip

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Iceland 2012 Trip

Skaftafell and Jokulsarlon

Wednesday 30 May 2012

Another sleep in! Given we didn’t get back the previous night until after 2.00 a.m., an 8.00 a.m. breakfast was still pretty early. We didn’t seem to be getting much in the way of sleep, but it didn’t seem to matter. A few hours here and there seemed enough to keep most of us going. And most of us were able to catch a nap in the vehicles from time to time, something the drivers couldn’t do. For them, Red Bull, Magic and coffee were the answers.

The morning light was pretty strong, so we retired to the meeting room for another seminar and a critique session where the instructors made suggestions about how some of the participants’ work could be improved. There really was some excellent work and many of the images didn’t need critiquing at all.

Walking on the glacier is fun - you can see an intrepid group up the top left.

After lunch we visited the glacier just behind the hotel. In the distance, we could see a group taking a guided glacial walk approaching us, looking no more than ants in the scheme of the place. Not the perfect light, but just being there was enough, listening to the glacier creak and groan, releasing rocks and blocks of ice to clatter down into indeterminable depths.

Kevin had organised a zodiac cruise that evening around Jokulsarlon, so it was back to the vehicles for the journey to the lake. There was a slight wind ruffling the water and the light dancing on the ice was magical. We donned the red safety clothing and life vests and waddled down to the pontoon. Two zodiacs, each with drivers and seven photographers, cast off.

The zodiac cruise got us up close and personal with some of the smaller icebergs. Getting too close to larger ones was considered foolhardy.

We motored across to the other side of the lake, but not too close to the edge of the glacier because you never know when a large section might drop off. On the way we found a couple of icebergs that had just turned, their surfaces shiny and transparent, unlike the icebergs that hadn’t rolled for a while which were white and opaque. Smaller icebergs were approachable as they were unlikely to land on top of us! It was great looking at the textures and air bubbles caught within the ice.

After the zodiac cruise, we checked the beach outside the lake for icebergs. There were a couple there, but nothing like what we were hoping for. It didn’t seem worthwhile returning at sunrise with such a slim chance of finding what we wanted, so a 4.00 a.m. alarm was set and we returned to our hotels, disappointed about the ice, but happy to going to bed!

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