Iceland 2012 Trip

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Iceland 2012 Trip

Svartifoss and Jokulsarlon

Tuesday 29 May 2012

After breakfast, Kevin Raber gave a Capture One presentation. It was a testament to his enthusiasm for the software that the class stayed awake and attentive given the little sleep we all had. We spent a lazy middle of the day, resting and talking photography, before heading off to the nearby Svartifoss waterfall. Flowing into a picture perfect, semi-circular cliff, there were two photographs to be had, one from a distance which showed the falls in their environment, and a second one taken much closer at the base of the falls. Once again, wind direction could affect where you could shoot from without getting too wet.

Svartifoss waterfall from the walking trail.

The author jumping for joy undernearth Svartifoss waterfall.

The overcast weather was actually very suitable for the waterfall, but our guide Daniel was pretty sure it was clear back at Jokulsarlon. Glaciers tend to make their own weather systems and we could see clear blue sky up to the north, indicating that the cloud above us was very restricted. After dinner, we drove back to the glacial lake to find he was correct!

Once again, there were very few icebergs on the beach and so we decided to walk along the lake to where I had been the night before. Most of the group trailed along, but the change in wind direction or perhaps the strong sunshine during the day meant that my small icebergs had disappeared.

Amazing colour on Jokulsarlon.

We continued on around the lake’s edge, hoping to find more icebergs close to the shore. We weren’t successful, so we turned our attention to what was in front of us: an amazing scene with a glacial lake in the foreground and glaciers and mountains behind! What more could you want.

A huge crack sounded and a large iceberg 50 metres from the shore rolled over, creating a series of waves that threatened to wash over our feet. However, the waves didn’t seem to get far over the rocky edge, even though the iceberg continued to roll and jiggle before finally settling down. It really was a perfect evening.

The group wandered off, but Mark (one of the guests) and I stayed back a little longer, making the most of the wonderful light. By the time we returned to the vehicles, only Steve and Daniel remained as the others had left for the hotel. On our way back, Daniel suggested we check out another glacial lake to which we rapidly agreed.

It was an unmarked trail, known only to locals. We dropped and turned around low mounds of moraine until we ended up below a small ridge. We grabbed our little cameras and walked up to the top – and gasped!

Just another unremarkable glacial lake in Iceland!

Before us in the beautiful twilight glow was a mirror smooth lake with icebergs in the foreground and a huge glacier behind. To the left a small stream meandered to and fro before entering the lake. It was a wonderful landscape and I found myself running back to the car to grab the Alpa and 23mm wide-angle. It’s funny how the adrenaline can kick in when there’s a great photograph to be taken!

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Peter Eastway Uses

Peter Uses

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