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Epson's New Large Format Printers

The 24" and 44" SureColor P-Series printers each come in three ink variants. The SureColor P-Series are the first large format graphics printers launched by Epson in seven years. They feature a new UltraChrome HD/HDX ink set which offers an enhanced gamut over their previous HDR ink, a higher D-Max for blacker blacks and deeper, richer colours.

Each printer in the SureColor P-Series range has been specifically designed for a key market segment with the SureColor SC-P6070 (24" wide, 8 colour printing/9 cartridge) and SureColor SC-P8070 (44" wide, 8 colour printing/9 cartridge) aimed at copy shops, pro photographers and artists, photo studios and commercial printers.The SureColor SC-P7070 (24" wide, 10 colour printing/11 cartridge) and SureColor SC-P9070 (44" wide, 10 colour printing/11 cartridge) are ideal for creating photo fine art for galleries, museums, pro photographers and artists, photo studios and pro labs.

The SC-P6070 and SC-P8070 have two fewer inks than the SC-P7070 and SC-P9070, so photographers wanting to get the largest colour space would probably opt for the latter. However, when doing so, you have to choose between a Light Light Black ink and a Violet ink (as once this choice has been made, it can't be changed later). The Violet ink is designed for producing a full range of Pantone inks and we're guessing the Light Light Black ink is more suitable for most photographers.

Epson's New UltraChrome HD/HDX ink includes a new photo black. Pigment density has been increased almost 1.5 times and the inkset also includes a new matte black adjusted for improved presentation on third party and uncoated media. There is also a new yellow that achieves similar performance with a 30% increase in image stability when exposed to UV light. For more information, visit

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