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Panasonic Lumix GX8

The new Lumix GX8 comes in all black or a swish silver two-tone..

If you think 4K video is important, and it's surprising how many people are talking about it, then Panasonic is well positioned with yet another 4K camera on the market.

The Lumix DMC-GX8 features Dual IS (Image Stabilisation) for handshake correction, a newly-designed 20-megapixel sensor (most Micro Four-Thirds cameras have been 16-megapixels), 4K functionality and a high magnification Live View Finder - all in a splash and dust proof body. Add in a microphone input for professional video recording and a free-angle design for the rear monitor and you have taken yet another step towards finding the perfect stills/video hybrid.

Dual IS (Image Stabilisation) means both the camera body and the lens have image stabilisers, useful for shooting in low light with longer shutter speeds, or for keeping your video footage smooth and bump free. And while niche, I like the fact the electronic viewfinder can be tilted upwards so you can look down into it. Sure, you can do the same with the rear monitor, but outside in bright light?

The body has an RRP of $1,399 or with a 14-42mm it's $1,499. .

The electronic viewfinder can be angled for different viewing positions
- a bit like the waist level finder on medium format cameras.

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Peter Eastway Uses

Peter Uses

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