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Fujifilm X-A2

You gotta love the look of this little camera - and its file quality is excellent too!

When you look at this smart fashion accessory, it can be easy to forget it's a fully-fledged X-series camera that has full manual control and takes interchangeable lenses! However, that's not for a moment to decry the great looking leatherette finish and the bright colours!

The X-A2 features Fujifilm's newly developed Eye Detection AF, Auto Macro AF and Multi-Target "MULTI AF" for fast and accurate autofocusing. It's also the first X-series model to sport a 175-degree tilting LCD rear screen, making it easier to take selfies (and we all know how important that is for we older readers)! Rotating the tilting LCD by 175 degrees activates the new Eye Detection AF, which automatically focuses on the subject's eyes. This allows you to shoot self-portraits that make the most of the famed X-series image quality, with an emphasis on reproducing even and smooth skin tones.

Inside, the camera offers Fujifilm's newest film simulation mode, 'Classic Chrome', which offers deeper colours and richer tones. The X-A2 has a 16.3 megapixel APS-C sensor and uses Fujifilm's EXR Processor II image processing engine.

The normal sensitivity range covers ISO 200 to 6400, while extended sensitivity settings of ISO 12,800 and 25,600 can be selected when you want to minimise camera shake. The camera is capable of shooting full high-definition movies (30 frames per second), incorporating the colour effects from the film simulation modes, and beautiful bokeh is achieved with the combination of the large sensor and a wide aperture. There is a wide range of wide-aperture lenses to choose from, as well.

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