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LaCie 2big Dock

Putting together a computer and backup system for all your photographs can be quite a challenge, especially if you have invested in a new high-resolution camera. Higher resolution means larger file sizes and more storage, so if we’re working from a laptop with a small capacity hard drive, it quickly becomes a challenge. And even working from a desktop computer will eventually require extra drives and space.


But there is an alternative: an external drive that provides a backup solution and fast speed operation as well. 

The last thing you want is the perfect storage solution that slows you down, but with recent advances in hard drive technology and the new Thunderbird 3 connectivity, there’s no need for slow speed at all. Editing your files from an external drive can now be seamless. 


Introducing the LaCie 2big Dock. It’s a high capacity storage device that can be used in a number of ways and can become the centre of your computer system. On the front it has SD and CompactFlash card slots, plus a USB 3 connector, so when you return from a shoot, you can upload your images directly to the 2big Dock. On the back there are more connectors, including the new Thunderbolt 3 connectors which allow lightning-fast file transfers to and from your computer (assuming your computer is TB3 compatible and many recent models are). You can also connect your monitor and more storage devices. 


Best of all, you can configure the 2big Dock with up to 20 TB which will be ample storage for most photographers – at least for a few more years. However, most users will take advantage of the RAID 1 configuration which provides a backup of all your files, but halves the storage capacity. The 2big Dock comes in 12, 16 and 20 TB models. 


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