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Wacom’s MobileStudio Pro 16


Full power, full size and incredible screen quality – Wacom has everything you need
to work on location. Peter Eastway reports from 
his MobileStudio Pro™.

Article reprinted from a special promotion from Better Photography magazine. 

I am fortunate as a Wacom Ambassador because I was asked to trial the latest 16- inch MobileStudio Pro. It is a complete computer package offering power, speed, capacity and, most importantly, image quality.
When out on the road, I used to struggle with my laptop computer’s screen. I’m primarily a Windows user, for better or for worse, and for years I searched to find a laptop computer with a screen that had good contrast and high colour fidelity. 

MobileStudio Pro™
When the first Wacom Companions arrived, even though their colour space wasn’t huge, the overall image was the best quality I had seen from either a Windows or Mac laptop. Now Wacom has upgraded its Companion units to the new MobileStudio Pro series and the key improvement for me is the new screen, as I will explain shortly.

The model I’m playing, err, I’m working with, is the MobileStudio Pro 16 i7 512, the top of the range at $4299. (Other models begin at $2649.) 

What surprised me when I lovingly removed it from its packaging was that it wasn’t that much bigger than the 13-inch model. The 15.6-inch screen seems huge, which is good, but the MobileStudio Pro 16 itself is beautifully contained and cleanly designed in a modest size.
Now, at 2.2 kilograms, it’s not the lightest computer on the market, but nor is it the heaviest and when you analyse what you need to work with out on location, this is it.
Top Class Monitor
If I am travelling or away from the studio, I want to view my photographs on a screen that is as good as the screens I use back in the studio.
Now I can. It was a pretty simple decision.  The MobileStudio Pro 16 offers an incredible 94% of the AdobeRGB (1998) colour space, displaying 16.7 million colours. It features 4K 3840x2160 pixel resolution with a contrast ratio of 800:1, producing rich blacks and an extended tonal range. This means my edits on location don’t need to be adjusted when I return home. Eureka!
Enhanced Models
In the MobileStudio Pro range, there are two enhanced models, one 13-inch, the other a 16-inch model which I am using.
It features an i7 512 processor with 16 GB RAM and a 512 GB solid state drive. It also had a dedicated NVIDIA® Quadro®
M1000M 4GB GDDR5 graphics card. Don’t muck around - this is the model you want.
All the MobileStudio Pros will run Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Capture One, Microsoft Office and everything else you want it to.
In terms of connectivity, there are three USB-C slots, an SD card slot, two cameras, a microphone and fingerprint security.
The new etched glass screen provides the wonderful sensation of working with pen on paper, plus multi-touch gestures
make zooming and rotating your images as simple as pinching and swiping on your smartphone.
New Pen and Controls
Another highlight is the new Wacom Pro Pen 2 because it is more sensitive, more accurate and more responsive.
There are now 8,192 levels of pen pressure, there is no parallax (due in part to the new screen design) and next to no lag when using it.
In terms of brushwork and editing, there‘s nothing better than using a pen and working directly on the display, and this applies equally to Photoshop, Lightroom and Capture One.
It is easy to attach a Bluetooth keyboard (although there is a screen keyboard as well) and a mouse, so if you wish, the MobileStudio Pro will function exactly like a desktop or laptop computer.
However, the beauty of the MobileStudio Pro is that it will sit on your lap and using the ExpressKeys™, Touch Ring and buttons on the pen
itself, you can have complete control over your applications without a keyboard.
The MobileStudio Pro ships with Wacom’s Desktop Centre which allows you to quickly and easily set up one touch short cuts for every application you use.
Also, the optional Wacom Link technology enables you to attach a MobileStudio Pro to any Mac or PC and use it as a standard Cintiq display – a great feature for Mac owners who prefer to work on the Mac OS® in their studios.


For more information, visit

And to purchase a Cintiq or Intuos Pro, visit the Wacom eStore at, or selected retailers.



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