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Eizo RadiLIght - The Ultimate Gadget!

Is this the ultimate gadget from Eizo? The RadiLight is designed to establish a low base illumination in your editing room
plus a small light to illuminate your desk or keyboard.


To get the most out of your EIZO monitor (or any monitor for that matter), you want to work within a room or environment where there are no distracting or image-degrading reflections on the screen. Many monitors, such as the EIZO ColorEdge range, include a hood to prevent direct light from overhead light sources affecting the screen. Similarly, most EIZO monitors have a low-reflectivity surface which also helps minimise reflections. Even so, in order to prevent all reflections on the monitor screen caused by ambient light, many photographers and video editors tend to work in very dark rooms.

Unfortunately, viewing a bright monitor in a dark environment over a long period can cause eyestrain and make it more difficult to see other tools or cups of tea near the workstation.

The solution is to have a soft light that won't spill onto the monitor screen or create unwanted reflections and it would seem that an ideal position for such a light would be behind the monitor itself.

EIZO originally introduced the RadiLight for radiologists, but the device is equally useful for photographers and video editors. The RadiLight attaches to the back of your monitor and shines a light on the wall behind it. This eases the amount of concentrated light traveling to the photographer's eyes and so reduces eye strain, while not impacting the editing room's overall ambient lighting or visibility of the images on the screen.

Due to the way brightness is controlled on LED backlights, some people perceive flicker on their monitor which causes eye fatigue. With technology based on the dimming control of EIZO's LED-equipped monitors, such as the FlexScan EV Series, RadiLight is a flicker-free lighting solution that reduces eyestrain. And because the RadiLight attaches to the back of the monitor stand, it does not take up desk space. Power is supplied to the RadiLight via the connected monitor's USB port for quick and simple setup. The Radilight is also equipped with a spotlight on an articulated arm called RadiLight Focus, which allows you to check or read printed documents or see your keyboard and other tools.

And both the RadiLight Area and RadiLight Focus lights can be easily turned on or off with the touch of a button, so you can use them only when you need to.

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The RadiLight installed behind the monitor.


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