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Sekonic L-858D Flashmeter

Sekonic L-858D SpeedMaster.

So, why do you need a light meter or a flash meter in these days of digital photography? I don't have a good answer for most photographers who can still safely rely on the histogram in their camera to determine correct exposure. Add in a little exposure bracketing and raw file latitude, and you will be quite okay.

However, there is another level of photographer who likes to measure the light and flash illumination more precisely and Sekonic has now established itself as one of the world's leading meter manufacturers.

Every digital camera, lens and flash unit is unique to some extent - meaning no two items are precisely the same. The differences can result in exposure differences, so knowing the limits of your equipment’s capabilities can enable you to make more accurate exposures with less post-processing. Sekonic has also developed its Data Transfer Software which allows quick, dynamic range mapping and camera/meter calibration for precise control of light. You can also create and store up to ten camera exposure profiles with Sekonic, X-Rite or Datacolor calibration targets.

The new meter just released is the SpeedMaster L‐858D, an ambient light and flash meter with a difference because it measures flash duration, as well as the brief bursts of HSS (High Speed Sync).

The L‐858D includes the main features of the popular L‐478D series, including ISO sensitivity, flash and ambient shutter speeds, as well as frame rates (f/s) and shutter angles for cinematographers. Sekonic says both motion image makers and landscape photographers will really enjoy the increased sensitivity for both incident and reflected‐spot measurements, providing extreme low light level readings. In addition, the L‐858D offers optional wireless triggering modules for Elinchrom, Phottix and PocketWizard radio triggering devices.

For more information, visit L&P Digital Photographic -

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