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Capture One 10 Pro

Capture One Pro 10 includes a number of improvements, including improved sharpening.

For me, there is only one reason why you choose Capture One ahead of Photoshop, Lightroom or one of the other bespoke raw processing programs, and that's image quality. And whether I'm processing Phase One, Canon, Nikon or Fujifilm files, I really believe Capture One gives me superior quality.


Of course, photographic quality is often subjective. Many of my friends love Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw because it suits the way they take and process photographs. Personally, I don't think they have looked closely enough at Capture One because it seems to be superior, both objectively and subjectively, in so many ways. And if you can operate either Lightroom or ACR, then Capture One is really very easy. It's different, but once you've spent half an hour familiarising yourself with where its controls are, the interface is not at all daunting.


In fact, the interface is superior because you can customise where your controls and menus sit and fit. I set up a panel with all the controls I use the most so I am not having to hunt around from menu to menu. 


Having worked with Phase One and Capture One for many years, I am sure I'm biased. However, I worked with the Adobe programmers and a bunch of international photographers during the development of Lightroom 2.0, so I also have a soft spot for Lightroom as well. And I use Photoshop all the time! So, while I am biased, I feel there's a reason and if this little diatribe has helped convince you to at least download a 30 day trial of Capture One and try it, then I believe that's a good thing!


The only downside is that Capture One is more expensive than Lightroom and given most photographers these days have a $10 monthly subscription for both Lightroom and Photoshop, you'll end up owning both. I can't do without Photoshop.


To read about the new features, click through to the website for the full article.


Capture One Pro 10 is a refinement on earlier versions. A new processing engine offers faster browsing, zooming, panning and adjustments, which is important as our image files become larger.


Included in the list of new features is a three step sharpening process, including diffraction correction for your raw files and the ability to reduce the size of haloes when you push the sharpening up further than you should! Sharpening can also be applied locally using an adjustment brush and sharpening your files for output has never been easier.


In fact, the new Output Proofing area lets you proof ICC profile, scale, compression and output sharpening on screen. Other refinements include a camera focus tool when tethered, folder merging in Catalogs, filtering images by orientation, and better support for compressed raw files.


For full details, visit the Phase One website: 


If you are interested in purchasing Capture One, there is a 10%-off offer when you buy the application outright - use the coupon code AMBEASTWAY. Yes, in the interests of disclosure, I am an ambassador and there is a financial incentive for me to sell you Capture One, but the incentive isn't so great that I want push you into it. I'm better off giving you honest advice and hoping to sell you a subscription to my magazine! But I am a believer. Download the free trial and if you like it, then you won't need me to sell it to you!


And if you're interested in a photography workshop in the next 12 months, I have trips going to USA, Arnhemland, Georgia/Armenia, Iran, Greenland/Iceland and Mexico. Full details on the Better Photography website!


Peter Eastway Uses

Peter Uses

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