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How Cool Is Lumix's Little Travel Camera

Panasonic's cute little TZ110 travel compact.

What has happened to the compact camera? Not so many years ago, I can remember asking the camera manufacturers if they thought the smart phone was a danger to their market. With a flourish of defiance, all said that smart phones would never replace the compact camera, and while that might be true to some extent, the number of compact cameras sold today is but a fraction of its heyday.

Nevertheless, there are some remarkable compact cameras around, but for me, a compact camera needs a separate viewfinder. If you're reliant on the LCD screen (as you are with a smart phone), it's simply not easy to shoot in bright sunshine. A viewfinder, optical or electronic, is the sensible solution.

Panasonic has been making a compact camera designed for travellers for well over ten years, but it also made a smaller model with a fixed lens. If only there were a camera with both features because if you're shooting travel, for me a zoom is essential! Enter the 20-megapixel Lumix TZ110, a diminutive compact camera with a 25-250mm (equivalent) zoom lens courtesy of Leica. When you pick it up, it has a good solid feeling about it and the rear LCD screen is clear and bright. However, it also has an electronic viewfinder which is quite small, but what do you expect on a compact travel camera. Most importantly, it works a treat.

Other features for the TZ110 include a shoot now, focus later function. Simply capture the scene, review the 4K photo and touch the part you'd like to be sharp on the LCD screen. Done! Panasonic is doing some very cool things with its 4K video capture - using the technology to capture stills as well.

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