Bhutan 2012 Trip

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Bhutan 2012 Trip

Dochu La

Sunday 28 October 2012

We were up pre-dawn and on our way up to Dochu La. When we visited the pass a week or so ago, cloud had obscured our view over the Himalayas, but yesterday and hopefully today were incredibly clear without a cloud in the sky.

By the time we reached the pass, the sun was well up, but still angled enough to produce some highly atmospheric landscapes. While the temptation is to use a wide-angle lens to fit it all in, a telephoto was the better choice for framing some of the distant ranges.

In the afternoon we return to Thimphu for pizza. Yes, pizza and very nice too. Even better, after lunch and a quick shop at the outdoor weekend markets (which aren't that much cheaper than some of the shops), we found a cafe that served great coffee too. The only one in Bhutan, I was assured by the owners!

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