Antarctica 2009 Trip

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Antarctica 2009 Trip

Neko & Paradise Harbours

Neko Harbour was an interesting excursion!! We landed ashore in front of a huge glacier and colonies of penguins, then took a short walk up a slippery, snow and ice covered hill to a lookout across the bay and the glacier.

The weather wasn't very cooperative and on my way back it became even less so. Fierce winds from the glacier made it difficult to stand up, let alone walk down the slippery slope in wellington boots. It would have been a lot of fun with skis on.

Photographer Malcolm Godde was walking up, camera and tripod over his shoulder. It was in these conditions that the little Panasonic Lumix GF1 came in handy. I spent a fun half hour photographing and videoing passengers walking up and sliding down the hill with a wonderfully vague background of windborn snow. While still photos were great, I think it is the video and the wind whistling in the microphone that really capture the moment - another plus point for the Lumix GF1 with its HD video (720p).

Things were not looking good for our afternoon visit to Paradise Harbour, considered by many to be the most picturesque place in Antarctica. I'm not sure how true that is because there are so many amazing places, but after lunch the weather cleared enough for us to take a trip to shore and a zodiac cruise through Skontorp Cove.

A massive mitre rock stands above an amazing congregation of glaciers meeting in deep aquamarine waters, but the overcast light have made it difficult to present the real beauty. The image seen here is a straight process out of Capture One 4 and tweaked in Lightroom, but I am pretty sure with a little careful work I can produce a more faithful rendition.

We motored further into Skontorp Cove and when we looked back on a finger of the glacier, saw an amazing reflection.

I think this is yet another place I need to revisit. I am beginning to understand why people return here year after year. We have been in Antarctica proper for three of our four days and so far we haven't had any great light. We've had interesting light, but not classic light. We need something special, but there is just one day to go. Tomorrow afternoon we start steaming home...

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