Antarctica 2009 Trip

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Antarctica 2009 Trip

Drygalski Fjord

I awoke at 5.00 a.m. to a blue bird day. It was cloudless and outside our cabin window, freshly blanketed peaks stood towering above in a brilliant white. Up on deck I discovered I had missed sunrise by only an hour. We spent the morning around Cooper Bay with thousands of penguins, seals, elephant seals and birds of many kind. The swell seemed to push through a little more, making an exciting run around to the other side of the headland.

In the afternoon we sailed around to Drygalski Fjord, one of the most amazing places on the most amazing island on Earth. This was our last day on South Georgia Island and the weather was perfect for photography.

Larsen Harbour is a small tributary off the main fjord. We found a few Weddell Seals hiding up the back near the end of a small glacier. It's funny, we almost expect to see glaciers falling into the sea because South Georgia must have hundreds of them.

Back on board, we cautiously sailed deeper into the fjord where several glaciers met. All passengers were out on deck admiring a breathtaking vista as the floating ice cracked and snapped as we made our way forward.

We didn't stop for long and soon the captain had the ship steaming full ahead to Antarctica. The exit from Drygalski Fjord was an amazing sight, the steep peaks rising from a planar sea appearing to be more like a technical drawing than reality.

As we sailed away from South Georgia Island, the clouds moved across, enveloping a wonderful secret. Only Mt Paget and the southern shores remained for an amazing sunset light show. I had put my camera away, thinking it was time for a rest and a time to sit back and enjoy the experience. That thought only lasted a few minutes and soon I was racing back to the cabin to retrieve a camera or two.

Ahead of us were two sea days. Antarctica was going to have to be unbelievably remarkable to match what we had experienced in the last week.

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