Antarctica 2009 Trip

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Antarctica 2009 Trip

BBQ At Cumberland Bay East

We arrived in front of Gold Harbour with a screaming onshore wind and a building swell. Our chances of getting ashore for a wander looked particularly slim when the Prince Albert II crossed our bows, showing just how rough the seas were. Not that these are particularly rough seas for Antarctica, rather they were way to rough for a comfortable zodiac landing.

The Prince Albert II appeared to be heading south to Drygalski Fiord, but given the weather looked like it was heading straight into the fiord (it could have been protected as you can never really tell), our Expedition Leader decided to move back up the coast and explore Cumberland Bay East, opposite Grytviken.

It took a few  hours to get there by which time the weather had completely changed. Gone were the stormy skies and although the wind and the swell persisted, we were treated to a serious splash of blue. We spent an enjoyable afternoon walking around the picturesque bays and then returning to ship to photograph the glacier at the far end of Cumberland.

It appeared that the weather was so good we should have a barbeque on the ship's back deck. Indeed the weather was very good and it was a novel if not cold experience to eat a meal with such breathtaking surroundings.

After dinner, we sailed out of Cumberland with a near cloudless sky. The top deck was a great platform and I decided it was time to shoot the obligatory bow shot with blurred water. I also played with the Canon 17mm TSE lens, using the perspective controls to intentionally distort and accentuate the towering cliffs all around.

I'm looking forward to playing with these files. The 17mm is certainly a sharp lens, athough determining exactly where critical focus is can be a little difficult. I'm using the autofocus light in the viewfinder to help, but it remains lit for quite a distance when turning the focusing collar. Mind you, the files are looking pretty sharp, so with a smallish aperture and depth-of-field, everything is turning out pretty well.

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