Antarctica 2009 Trip

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Antarctica 2009 Trip


The capital of South Georgia Island is also an old whaling station. They have removed the dangerous old buildings so the machinery can be seen and wondered at. It is not a good reflection on mankind the way we mercilessly hunted and processed hundreds of thousands of whales.

Mount Paget is the highest peak on South Georgia Island and it peeped through a break in the weather as we steamed into the harbour about 5.00 a.m. A telephoto lens with the camera set at a high ISO ensured a sharp result - the vista was almost Himalayan in grandeur.

The town itself comprises the old whaling station with its renovated chuch and museum, while out on the point sits the workers' cottages and the pier. We tied up to take on fresh water and the view across to the water with Grytviken framed by the mountains was spectacular.

After attending a short memorial service for Shackleton - he is buried in a small whaler's graveyard nearbuy, we spent the morning walking around the ruins.

In the afternoon, a few of us climbed up one of the hills overlooking Grytviken with the view of recreating one of Frank Hurley's famous images, but the weather was against us. All we saw was a mid-grey vista with a heavy snow blizzard. The histogram was a single spike in the middle of the frame!

However, all was not lost an on our return to sea level the snowy conditions created some rich colours and the waters of the bay were inky smooth.

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