Antarctica 2009 Trip

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Antarctica 2009 Trip


It's snowing outside. Heavily. The locals in Stanley, the capital of the Falkland Islands, are worried they will have a white Christmas, yet our tour leader Woody says this is the best weather he's had in the Falklands. Usually it's raining or so windy he's worried about getting the passengers back to the ship!

We arrived in Stanley in the early morning. It's a quaint little town with around 3000 inhabitants. Brightly painted roofs, an old stone cathedral and lots of history from early shipping to the more recent war in the 1980s.

And shipwrecks. There is a plethora of shipwrecks all around the Falklands and while the harbour in Stanley is incredibly well protected from the outside seas, it also has a few wrecks within striking distance.

Unfortunately for the Falklands, there are still many unexploded landmines so it is dangerous to walk off some of the roads and approach the wrecks from the beaches. But there's no such problem when visiting them with a zodiac. John Ronstead and I took a few hours off to motor down to the end of the bay and the Lady Elizabeth wreck. A three-masted iron lady, she lay beached and angled in a mantle of glorious red rust. John has a thing for rust.

Lady Elizabeth - a thing of rust!

With the weather changing rapidly, we spent part of our time just waiting for the light, but being able to circumnavigate the wreck and choose exactly the right angle and distance from the water made photography a pleasure.

The photo I chose to play with first has been cropped to a panorama, and then I'm wondering whether colour or black and white works better. You be the judge!


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