Antarctica 2009 Trip

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Antarctica 2009 Trip

Cast Off

We departed Ushuaia at 6.00 p.m. after spending a lazy day looking at the shops and having lunch.

You should never look back to where you left - an old sea-faring superstition which I ignored. Ushuaia in the distance with the Clipper Adventurer following us.

The cabins are not large, but comfortable. Doors and shelves have locks and lips to stop them swinging around in heavy seas and I wondering how I will handle crossing Drake's Passage on the way back from Antarctica. Tonight should be relatively smooth given we're sailing north a bit to the Falkland Islands and so I'm hoping we will be in the shelter of South America for some time. As I write this I can feel the ship responding to the swells and expect it will be much rockier in the morning as we're still in Beagle Canal.

As we sailed away from Ushuaia, the weather put on a light show with clouds and distant rainstorms creating a fantastic backdrop to the many small islands that line the Beagle and are responsible for so many wrecks. Our vessel has a pilot on board to ensure we don't hit anything we shouldn't. I think one or two of the files should work itself up nicely, perhaps as a black and white (not that there will be much colour anway).


The Antartica voyage has begun!

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