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Adventures In Oz

Kata Tjuta

Day Six:

Kata Tjuta in the pre-dawn light

As most of us are flying home just after lunch, we have time to visit Kata Tjuta, also known as the Olgas. These strangely shaped rocks are steeped in lore and mystery and you can understand why. Today we’ll just shoot them from the sunrise viewing area, but the metal platform transmits all the vibrations of people walking around, so it’s difficult to shoot long exposures once other tourists arrive.

Sunrise at Kata Tjuta

Naturally we are there first, way before sunrise and it is surprisingly cool. A chill wind ensures we keep our beanies on and Uluru in the distance makes a great silhouette.

We had some amazing clouds for our final morning

On the way back, we figure we should really take a closer look at Uluru, so we plan on a quick stop. Naturally it turns into a much longer stay and Tony and I make a mental note to spend more time here next time. The rock is just as fascinating up close as it is from a distance – it has a real presence about it.

Back at our hotel, we finish the Adventure with a hot breakfast and then sit around, discussing photography and working on our files. The group has certainly captured many great shots. The Red Centre is a simply amazing photography destination.

If you’re interested in travelling to the Red Centre with Tony Hewitt and Peter Eastway on an Adventures in Oz, download the brochure and join us! Or, if you’re interested in travelling with us on a future Adventure, send us an email so we can remind you: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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