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Adventures In Oz


Day Five:

A camp fire in the early morning is pretty good too!

Once again, getting out of the swags is easy to do in the pre-dawn light, despite the chill in the air. We quickly grab a jacket and our cameras, then fan out, waiting for the first rays of sun. It’s a magical morning with lots to photograph.

After a sumptuous breakfast – it’s amazing how good everything tastes when you’re camping – we’re back in the vehicle and heading south. We see a few kangaroos in the distance, lots of birds but no camels or dingoes! The landscape is varied, but very flat and we soon find ourselves coming into the Curtain Springs station itself. It’s hard to describe how wonderful it was to be away from absolutely everything, tucked in the middle of the desert with just a bush fire and the stars for company. This is something I must do again.

Our group lines up in front of Uluru for an evening shoot

Swags last night, but a comfortable luxury hotel tonight in Yulara, the resort next to Uluru and Kata Tjuta National Park. We drop our bags and then head off to Uluru for the sunset. We get there early, staking our claim to the fence so we have a clear view of the Rock – it can get very busy with tourists as the sun sets! Kind of odd being in such a populated area tonight compared to the peace and quite of the previous day.

The rock changes colour as the light drops, but our group remained well after sunset

There’s not much in the way of clouds and so we experience a relatively standard sunset experience, watching the colour of the rock change as the sun sets and the night deepens, then it’s back for a lavish dinner and a glass of wine. The Adventure is nearing its end.

A sliver of a moon setting behind us

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Peter Eastway Uses

Peter Uses

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