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A selection of ramblings from the editor

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  • General Blog

    Better Photography magazine's blog is written mainly by its editor and publisher, Peter Eastway. Here you'll find a wealth of comments, ideas and, hopefully, you'll like some of the photographs as well. If a blog doesn't sit neatly into one of the other categories, then generally you'll find it here!

    Click on the blog titles to read.

  • Equipment Blog

    There's always a new piece of equipment around to tempt us and in this series of blogs, we review an eclectic mix of cameras, lenses, software and other accessories. These are more information pieces than critical reviews.

  • What Makes A Photo Work?
  • Photo Feedback

    This is a series of blogs where visitors to this site have sent in photographs for critiquing purposes. Peter Eastway talks through the image, along with suggestions as to how it may be improved. The blogs are short videos and hosted on Youtube.

  • Landscape Photography Tips

    Landscape photography is a particular passion of the editor's and during the creation of the Landscape Photography Masterclass, a number of Landscape specific blogs were posted. These days, these types of blogs are just posted to the General category.

  • Antarctica Trip 2009

    In November 2009, Peter Eastway visited the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island and Antarctica on a Peregrine Polar Expedition. The following blog notes were written on location, but were posted in early December 2009 upon his return - internet connection wasn't available on the high seas!

  • Iceland

    In May 2012, Peter Eastway was lucky enough to be on a PODAS to Iceland – a Phase One Digital Artist Series trip spearheaded by Phase One’s Kevin Raber. Peter accompanied Steve Gosling from the UK and Daniel Bergmann was the local photographer and guide. In addition, Drew Altdoerffer from Phase One in Denmark came along for technical support. Technical support? All of the attendees were given a Phase One medium format output to play with for the week and so if there were any technical issues, Drew would solve them!

  • Bhutan

    Bhutan is tucked away below the Himalayas, between China and India, and to the east of Nepal. A tiny kingdom which only recently became a democracy, it’s a country where you are intentionally allowed to step back in time. In fact, the balance between modern culture and religious tradition is being carefully managed and this is great for photography and photographers. Peter Eastway visited Bhutan with Robert van Koesveld and Libby Lloyd, authors of the book Bhutan Heartland, in 2012.

  • Adventures In Oz

    The Adventures in Oz Photographic Counsel adventure began in Alice Springs. Tony Hewitt and I met the group at the airport. Lorri and Malik were our two Americans, winners of the Nik Software Sweepstakes competition held throughout Europe and the USA. They joined Australian photographers Phillipa, Felix, Alan, Mark, Frank and Warwick. Along with Dave our guide, driver and camp maker, we bundled ourselves into a specialised four-wheel drive vehicle and were soon bouncing along a dirt track leading to our first destination, Rainbow Valley.

  • Karijini 2013

    Karijini National Park in the Pilbara region of Western Australia is a hidden gem. If you're a photographer, there are few places in Australia that are as exciting, mesmerising and easy to photograph. Yes, you will need a basic level of fitness to climb down into some of the gorges, but others are very accessible and no less pretty.

    The following blog posts are from the 2013 Karijini Photography Workshop presented by Christian Fletcher, Tony Hewitt and Peter Eastway.

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