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How To Download Files From The BP Shop

Before you can download articles and movies from the Better Photography online shop, naturally enough you need to have purchased them! If not, please visit the shop and make your purchase using Paypal.

When you have completed your purchase, you will receive a message stating that an email has been sent to you with a link to the download page. However, you don't need to see this email to reach the download section.

1. Ensure you're still logged in.

To make purchases from the Better Photography online shop, you need to have registered with a username and password. If you have logged out after making the purchase, please use this information to login again using the Members Login panel.

2. Click on the Account Maintenance link

When logged in, the Account Maintance link will appear. Click on this link.

3. Locate Your Order

All your orders are listed. Note that your Order Status (on the right) should show Confirmed. If it doesn't show Confirmed, or the order does not appear on this screen, your order has not been successful and you will not be able to download the file.

If your order status is Pending or the order does not appear, and you are sure that you have paid for the order successfully with Paypal (have you received an email from Paypal confirming the order??), then you may need to get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

4. Click on the View arrow

After clicking on the order arrow, you will be presented with a copy of your online order. Scroll down the order until you reach the Order Items section (shown above) and there you will see your download file. Click on the white arrow in the green circle and your download will begin.

When downloading your file, please ensure you save it to somewhere safe. We limit the number of times the file can be downloaded and the period it can be downloaded for, so if you make a mistake, you have three attempts over a period of five days.

Magazine and article downloads are Acrobat files and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open. Most computers have Acrobat installed on them, but if yours doesn't, you can download Acrobat Reader for free from

Movies are downloaded as Flash .swf files. You need to have Adobe FlashPlayer loaded on your computer, but chances are you already do as it is generally part of Internet Explorer or Safari etc. Double click this file and the movie should open up on your computer, or drag it into your web browser and it will play there. If you have troubles, then download Adobe FlashPlayer from Adobe at and load it on your computer.


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