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This shop sells eBooks, workshops, seminars, books and subscriptions to our paper magazine. You either download these products directly, or we post you the product by mail.

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You can book for many of Peter Eastway's workshops here, including workshops conducted with David Oliver, Tony Hewitt and Christian Fletcher. And the ND5 crew too!

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Better Photography

Georgia & Armenia Photo Tour - 18 October to 1 November 2020 US$7995

Join Peter Eastway in discovering the hidden treasures of ...

$ 735.29

Captivating Cambodia - 22-28 June 2020 - from AUS $3870

Visit captivating Cambodia with Peter Eastway and Nick ...

$ 1463.24

Iceland with Better Moments - 26 Oct - 4 Nov 2019 - From €5395

Explore Iceland with Phase One and Peter Eastway. 26 Oct - ...

Bolivia Highlights - 30 August to 17 September 2019 US$8990

Join Peter Eastway and Ignacio Palacios on a visit to the ...

Middlehurst Art Photography, New Zealand, 11 - 17 July 2019, $9995 - SOLD OUT

Middlehurst with Tony Hewitt & Peter Eastway. Instruction ...

$ 995.00

The Exotic Silk Road - 21 May to 5 June 2019 US$9450 - SOLD OUT

Visit The Silk Road, Uzbekistan, Kytgyzstan and Kazakhstan ...

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