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David Watson: Who Will See Your Facebook Posts?

David Watson explains the nitty gritty of a FB message.

Who will see your Facebook posts? Here’s a little background information to help it all make sense.

Facebook made some hefty changes to its Newsfeed algorithm last year and what we see now is based on around 100,000 variables. The algorithm is how Facebook works out what we see when we login.

Back in August 2013, Facebook said that an average user has around 1500 potential newsfeed stories, but on average only sees about 300.

Put simply, there is more content being created than a user can consume, hence the need for the algorithm.

Facebook shows Pages content items in the Newsfeed based on a few variables, and some of the more important ones are:

• How recently a user or Fan interacted with a Page (clicks, likes, comments, shares);

• How often the user has interacted with a Page’s posts;

• The overall value of that particular Page and their content posts;

• The kind of post it is – link, image, video, news, blog etc.

So, if your fans aren’t seeing your posts, it’s often a result of poor engagement.

If your fans aren’t interested in what you’ve been posting, then Facebook will show them con tent that they are more interested in, based on their user profile, influence, network and past interactions.

This could be content from other Pages, or content from their friends.

Again keep in mind that there is a finite number of opportunities to show a user content of any sort, and we’re all competing for that limited space and attention.

It’s not all bad news though.

By using some of the tools that Facebook provides us, like its Insights analytics tool, we can easily see what posts work best for the audience we have. We can see more detail about the fans that are connected to us by age, location, and gender.

We can see what times of day our fans are online so that we can optimise our posts for when they are online.

By using the scheduled post tool, we can post even when we’re not at work or in front of our computers.

David Watson is a 20+ year sales and marketing veteran who has worked across different industries with a range of businesses. Prior to launching his consultancy business Strategy Point in 2012, David worked with Momento and was a member of the AIPP National Board.

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