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Interviews With Pro Photographers

David Watson: What Are Your Social Media Objectives?

David Watson Suggest We Need Clear Ideas

Everyone knows you have to be involved with social media, but exactly how and what should you expect from this involvement?

David Watson says it’s important for photographers and video producers to settle on an objective and from there it becomes much easier to develop a social media strategy and measure its success.

In Australia, there are around 12 million people on Facebook, 3 million on LinkedIn and 2 million on Twitter. Many readers are on all three.

So when you set up an account on social media, what do you want to achieve? David suggests there are five areas to consider:

Likes • Engagement • Sales Education • Entertainment

Explained David, when a consumer turns on the computer or smartphone, they are primarily looking for entertainment. For them, social media is a social place, so we need to interact with them. “Understanding that our prospective clients are there to be entertained will help us craft what we do.””

So, which platforms are the best? David says this depends on who your clients are. Photographers and video producers wishing to shoot weddings and family portraiture (B2C or Business To Consumer) should start with Facebook, and then run through youTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

“Put Facebook at the top of the list and then pick and choose the other platforms that interest you”, David added.

Commercial and corporate photographers wanting to deal with other businesses (B2B or Business To Business) should begin with LinkedIn, and then choose from youTube, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

“Images are king”, David explained, “and are probably the most powerful way for us to communicate. However, videos are also fantastic, so if you’re not yet doing anything with video, think about this space in the future.”

So, if you embrace social media, can photographers and video producers survive without a blog? “Of course you can survive, but it’s not recommended. On Facebook, your posts are gone within a few hours, whereas a blog has much more longevity.””

David Watson is a 20+ year sales and marketing veteran who has worked across different industries with a range of businesses. Prior to launching his consultancy business Strategy Point in 2012, David worked with Momento and was a member of the AIPP National Board.

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