Interviews With Pro Photographers

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Interviews With Pro Photographers

Christian Fletcher: Best Selling Landscape Photos

The red tree is currently his gallery’s top seller.

Who is the market for landscape photography prints? According to Western Australia’s Christian Fletcher, it’s a wide and varied clientele.

“Everyone from tourists wanting to take something home, to people wanting to spruce up their home. In some ways, we’re in the home décor market, supplying pretty photographs to people who want to liven up their living room! We sell to the DINKs, mums and dads who have gotten rid of their kids and are indulging in something for their walls, plus the tourists all want a souvenir. I hate to use that word, but in some ways, we’re also a tourist shop – and we do have drink coasters with photos on them!”

The prices for his photograph range from $5 (for a greeting card) up to $4000 for a large, framed print. He also sells stock photographs through his website. But what is really interesting is what sells the best. It is rarely a print that
scores highly at APPA!

"Currently, our best selling image is of a red tree! It’s a fun, black and white with red leaves and it just keeps selling again and again. It’s so popular, we keep several sizes in stock, ready to go, so as soon as one sells, another one goes up. We probably sell six copies a week – I think it’s what keeps the gallery going!”

“Before the red tree, the best seller was a photo of nearby Bunker Bay, with blue skies, turquoise water and white sand. We still sell it, but Idon’t have it on display as much.”

Blue skies might be boring, but they are good sellers.

Personally, Christian’s head is in a different creative space, but what you like to create and what people want to purchase can be two completely different things.

Interestingly, the red tree isn’t a tourist shot, but it stands out.

Overall Christian admits that it’s photos of local scenes that sell the most, or photos of generic scenes that aren’t location specific.

“The red tree could have be photographed anywhere, not just in Victoria where it was really shot. However, if I had a photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it would take a long time to sell, if at all, because it’s not local to the area and too
far removed.

“On the other hand, a general beach scene that could be anywhere could sell here because there are lots of beaches around.”

CHRISTIAN FLETCHER is one of the few photographers in Australia who earns the majority of his income from landscape photography. With the help of his family, he runs a number of galleries in South West Australia, with the main gallery in Dunsborough.

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