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CRITIQUE: Advice About Members' Photos [Movie]


Five critiques from Landscape MasterClass photographers happy to share their challenges with all of us - thank you!

Would you like to have your images critiqued? It's not for everyone, but sometimes it's good to get an honest opinion about what you're producing. And don't feel you have to send in your best shots - send in a few you're having trouble with!

Each MasterClass will include comments on members' images, designed to help the photographer and educate the rest of the class. The critiques are done anonymously.

Obviously not all members' images can be critiqued in this way, but we are keen to see your work. To have a chance of having your image critiqued, send one image (no more than one each month) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with 'MASTERCLASS CRITIQUE' in the header. The file should measure 1000 pixels along the longest side, be RGB, and saved as a JPEG setting 8.

Click on the movie below for this MasterClass's critique.


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