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There’s more to composition than the rules of thirds – and not leaving your subject in the centre! Yet I have won many international photography awards where my subject is bang in the middle of the frame! How can this be?

And aren’t the rules of composition supposed to be broken? So why have any rules at all? And why is it when I break the rules the result doesn’t look so good?

If you’re asking these questions, you’re not alone. For instance, there is no compositional rule that says your subject can’t be in the middle of the frame, but you’d be a boring photographer if that’s the only way you composed your images. Yet that is exactly what used to happen. Older cameras had a focusing circle in the middle of the viewfinder and so it was only natural for photographers to point it at their subject. The result was that most photographs had the subject in the middle because few people thought to re-frame their images.

And that’s what our Better Photography eBook on composition is aiming to do: to re-frame how you look at photographic composition.

Nobody wants to look at boring photographs. No one wants to take them either. And composition is best started with your camera, so the trick is to memorise some simple ideas that you can use every time you bring the camera up to your eye to take a photograph.

There’s no need to capture boring photographs ever again because, after reading this eBook, you’ll have a host of different ideas you can apply.

Photography is all about ideas. In fact, the most important things you can bring to photography are ideas. Good cameras, quality lenses and expert post-production skills amount to nothing without a great idea behind the photograph. And ideas don’t have to be complicated. In fact, the best ideas are really simple – like photographing a landmark in a different way or placing a portrait subject into a different environment. It’s the idea coupled with good composition and post-production that makes a great photograph.

You won’t use all the compositional tools in every photo you take, but by using at least one or two of these ideas, your composition will be much stronger, more imaginative and better received.

Follow the link below to download your copy of Peter Eastway & Better Photography’s Composition eBook.

The next email includes the most important recipes of all - and there are lots of them! Stay tuned!

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