Is This Peter Eastway’s Best Group of Photo Recipes?

Invisible Editing

Are you struggling to edit your photos properly? Have you followed all the YouTube tutorials and help programs, but your finished results don't look as polished as the instructor's?

I know exactly what you mean! And even after 20 years refining my post-production skills, there are still images that I struggle with. I find that the only solution is spending more time, carefully refining each adjustment until the photograph looks exactly right.

I call this finished result 'invisible editing'. People may know or suspect I have edited the photo, but they can't point to where my adjustments start and finish. There are no tell-tale lines or edges that give the game away - my post-production technique is 'invisible'.

So, how can I help you? I think all those YouTube tutorials and help programs are great (well, maybe not all of them), but often they gloss over the basics - the essentials that separate good post-production from poor craft. And please, don't glaze over when I say 'basics' because these are the fundamental building blocks. You may already know them or maybe you've just forgotten them, but I can guarantee you it's these skills that make the difference!

In my Invisible Editing eBook, I present the essentials for invisible editing. No, there aren't lots of special sauces and fabulous filters. Rather, it's good, solid advice - but you don't have to take my word for it! Download the eBook and have a read yourself! It's called 'Invisible Editing'.

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In the next email, I’m going to reveal another set of favourite recipes, so keep an eye out!


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