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If we look at the DSLR market, the main players are Canon, Nikon and Sony. Sony is definitely pursuing the mirrorless market, but Canon and Nikon are wary players, preferring to milk the DSLR design for all it is worth.


And it must be worth something for both Nikon and photographers alike because the latest D7500 is full of features. They’re not all necessary, of course, but wow, isn’t it great to have them!


At the heart of the D7500 is a 20.9-megapixel DX-format sensor which uses Nikon’s EXPEED 5 image processing engine, but importantly for the video market, the new camera offers 4K UHD video in 2160-30p format for both regular and time-lapse formats. This matches what some mirrorless cameras already have and leaves Canon behind at this price point at least (as at July 2017).


Autofocus, exposure and white balance are supported by a 180K-pixel RG B sensor and a 51-point AF System, while continuous shooting of up to 50 shots at approximately 8 frames-per-second will keep the sport and action photographers happy. There are new multiple exposure features and you can process your raw files inside the camera (to some limited extent – it’s not quite Photoshop yet!). You can apply white balance and Picture Control settings, saving the adjusted files as JPEGs.


While the camera has many advanced features, it’s also designed to help the newcomer. The D7500 automatically recognises and analyses each shooting scene and adjusts the settings accordingly when the Auto Picture Control option is selected: it applies optimal colour adjustments by fine-tuning the tone curve, colour and sharpness within the camera, producing Nikon says, ‘softer skin depiction in timeless portraits and an enhanced contrast for vibrant landscapes’.


The camera is mid-weight at 720 grams, but comes fully equipped with SnapBridge, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity to networks and social media


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