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THE NISI FILTER holder is already one of the best designed we’ve seen and one of the most compact as well, which is incredibly important when it comes to packing your camera bag. So it’s with interest we’re looking at the new V6 100mm NiSi filter holder.

Rather than buying separate circular filters for lenses with different screw threads, NiSi offers square filters which fit into a filter holder, and the filter holder is attached to lenses with different screw threads by means of adaptor rings. So one filter for all your lenses!

The V6 holder is made from aviation-grade aluminium, features superb build quality and supports three 100mm filters as well as a circular polarising filter in any combination. Even with all the filters on board, the V6 has no vignetting at 16mm on a full-frame DSLR, yet it remains svelte and compact with a streamlined design. The matte black frosted finish on the surface minimises reflection and the special rotation wheel design means the CPL (circular polarising) filter can be rotated independently via a cog on the back of the filter holder.

Naturally, you can purchase the filters, holders and adaptor rings separately, but NiSi offers a number of different kits at a better price. For instance, the NiSi 100mm Professional Kit Third Generation III with V6 and Landscape CPL, is aimed at landscape and seascape photographers with everything you need to get started. NiSi suggests it’s perfect for anyone who wants to create long exposure images and use ND filters, GND (graduated) and Natural Night filters, and fitting multiple lenses with a standard filter thread. The kit includes eight filters and the most popular adaptor rings (67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm) with others sold separately. The NiSi 100mm Professional Kit Third Generation III with V6 and Landscape CPL represents a great saving compared to buying all the included items separately. Purchased individually, the filters would cost $2340, but the kit is priced at just $1899.

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