Video still from Michael Fletcher's Youtube video featuring True North II

See it on Youtube here:

Many readers may remember ND5 - Ninety Degrees Five, a collaboration between Les Walking, Tony Hewitt, Christian Fletcher, Michael Fletcher and me. We've been a little quiet for the last few years, but our website ( is still active and we're still active - just we haven't been doing a lot together. And Covid got in the way of our last plans.

However, Michael has suggested we look at a new project with True North II. The idea is for ND5 to produce an exhibition in conjunction with True North, using material we capture and create on a voyage through the Kimberley.

We're looking at 25 May to 3 June 2025, but there's a catch! True North would like us to fill the ship with photographers, especially since we will be directing the itinerary for the voyage to ensure we get to the best locations at the best times. Personally, I'm just leaving that up to Michael because he's been there so many times, he knows what we need and where to go.

The configuration of the ship is also interesting because a couple of the cabins are designed only for couples. This might suit some photographer partners, but there's no way I'm top-and-tailing with anyone! The cost is not insignificant either, but then again, anyone who has looked at True North in the past will know what it's all about.

Depending on the cabin, the per person price is from $20,995 to $23,995 for the 10 day voyage, being mindful we need at least two couples to share two cabins.

Are you interested in joining ND5? We're not planning any formal presentations, but it's a small ship and there will be plenty of interaction between the ND5 group and participating photographers. Plus if you're interested, the helicopter can take you to all sorts of places, but I'm figuring there will be an extra charge for this!!

If you'd like to know more, talk directly to Michael Fletcher - email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

See you on board!