About the Book

"We're Only Here for the Frills" is a unique glimpse into the world of square dancers. Lidia D’Opera's photography beautifully documents the essence of the square dance community's "fun and friendship set to music" ethos. The book not only showcases the captivating beauty of the dance itself but also highlights the moments of heartfelt conversations, the bonds of friendship, and moments of fun.

Printed in Australia by Moment Pro on 150gsm satin paper, this is a quality coffee table book fit for any collection.

With 160 pages, combining colour and black & white images, this photo book is a limited first edition of only 100 copies, making it a unique piece.   Lidia’s photography has won many awards, published and exhibited widely; including a recent picture story in The Guardian documenting the Red Dust Revival racers at Perkolilli outside Kalgoorlie

Preorder Details I'm offering the first edition of this photo book at an exclusive cost price of just $50 to the square dance community, and would like to extend that offer to my friends and followers.

Delivery Options For those of you residing in Perth, the photo books will be ready for collection ahead of Christmas, making them ideal gifts or a treat for yourself. To save you on postage I will arrange a central point for easy collection. And if you're outside of Perth, Australia-wide postage for an additional $20 per book can be arranged.

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