Most photographers have one or two favourite papers for printing, whether using a Canon or an Epson inkjet printer. They normally begin with Canon or Epson papers, which makes sense because the printers come with a set of profiles for their suite of papers. However, there's a much wider world of papers and lots of new looks and finishes to discover out there.

For example, Canson's BFK Rives Pure White is described as a timeless, classic digital fine art paper. It's a matte paper, so it produces a softer rendition compared to a high gloss surface. The paper is produced in the Arches Mill in France, using a traditional mould-made cylinder process. It's the papermaking process that is responsible for creating the paper's unique surface which gives an almost painterly feel to the final print. The 100% cotton rag base has a soft and supple texture which enhances the detail in the original image. Traditionally used by printmakers, BFK Rives Pure White uses a proprietary inkjet coating and is free of all optical brightening agents.

To get the best out of a paper requires a good ICC printer profile. Profiles produced by Canson for specific printer models can be downloaded from its website (Canon, Epson, HP) for all their papers. This is a great way to test different options and once you settle on a smaller number of papers, you may choose to have custom printer profiles made for them.

For more information about BFK Rives and Canson's full range of papers, visit Kayell Australia's website –